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Component-type module that provides facility for directory content list operation by using FTP functions wrapped by FTP_Service core module. It's intended to be used to manage files that previoulsy uploaded to server directory by the client by using the webman_FTP_upload component-type module. The major tasks of customization to be done from inside the webman_FTP_list component-type module is to override the functions that automatically called when "directory select" or "file select" event is occured.



Webman-framework's Core Modules:

  • CGI_HTML_Map (Composition)
  • FTP_Service (Composition)
  • Table_List_Data (Composition)
  • TLD_HTML_Map (Composition)

Webman-framework's Component-type Modules:
  • CGI_Component::webman_CGI_component (Inheritance)
  • webman_link_path_generator (Composition)


1. View Template

The proposed view template still applies the form with method "POST" Though the events of "file select" and "directory select" is happen though ...

<!-- start_view_ //-->
<!-- dynamic_content_ name=link_path //--> &gt; Directory Content List
<p />
<form method="POST" action="./index.cgi">
  <!-- dynamic_content_ name=form_hidden_field //-->
  <table border="1">
      <td colspan="4">
        <b>Directory Path:</b> <!-- dynamic_content_ name=dir_path //-->

    <!-- start_list_ name=dir_content_list //-->
    <tr class="$tld_row_class_">
      <td align="center">$tld_type_</td>
      <td align="right">$tld_size_</td>
      <td align="center">$tld_date_time_</td>

    <!-- end_list_ //-->
<!-- end_view_ //-->