Lightweight, Component-based, and Database-oriented Web Application Framework

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Create new application


At the command prompt go to E:\wmbase\webman directory path and run the command perl app_create_new.pl. The script will ask the new application name to be created. Enter the new application name as mygb and the script will continue to create all resources for the new application as follows:


For any new application created, the app_create_new.pl helper script will not only prepare the database tables but also the new directories and other base files to support application deployment within the framework. Below is the new structure inside the framework's base directory correspond to the new created mygb web application.



   | +-cgi-bin

   | | +-webman

   | |   +-appAdmin

   | |   +-appDev

   | |   +-mygb

   | +-webman

   |   +-mygb

   |     +-css

   |     +-img

   |     +-js



     | +-appAdmin

     | +-mygb

     |   +-cli

     |   +-codegen_input

     |   +-db




     | +-apps

     | | +-appAdmin

     | | +-mygb

     | |   +-mygb.pm

     | +-cli_tool

     | +-comp

     | +-core


Based on the above directory structure, the new created mygb application has the following list of related directory paths to be noted before you can efficiently start develop the application using the framework.

  • E:\wmbase\public_html\cgi-bin\webman\mygb - The place where the CGI scripts of mygb application are published. The view template files for mygb component-types modules are also allocated and organized here.

  • E:\wmbase\public_html\webman\mygb - Directory path that contains public web elements of mygb application consisting of static HTML documents, CSS and Javascript libraries, and images.

  • E:\wmbase\webman\app_rsc\mygb - Offline resources for mygb application such as command line scripts specific to application's problem domain maintenance, database tables backup, etc.

  • E:\wmbase\webman\pm\apps\mygb - Contains customized mygb application modules written in Perl as OOP modules with *.pm file extension. There is mygb.pm module that automatically generated and saved inside this directory when mygb application is created. This particular module act as main controller to the application by inheriting webman_main module which is one of the framework's component-type modules. Other new mygb application modules will also saved here and in most cases they are actually the customized child modules derived from framework's standard component-type modules that are resided inside the E:\wmbase\webman\pm\comp directory path.