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Main link structure design


To start design application main link structure, open and login into framework's web-based Application Development Tool (ADT). The ADT's main page should be displayed with mygb becomes one that is listed.


At the "Task" column click the "Develop" link of mygb application. The ADT will now display mygb as active application to be developed with the "Link Structure/Reference" section is selected by default.


When mygb application is created, under the "Root" node, three other nodes that are "Home", "json_entities_", and "test_" will automatically be added as a basic main link structure of the application. The "Root" is actually a virtual node that will never rendered as a tangible element inside the application pages. The "Home" link node is the one where other link nodes could be added and rendered inside the application pages to provide links or references to the services offered by the application.

At the "Link Name" column click the "Home" link node to display all other child nodes under this particular node. It should be currently empty as shown below.


To add child nodes under "Home", it can simply be done by clicking the "Add" link under the "Operation" column. This of course should be done while the "Home" link node is currently selected as shown above. However, even for simple application like mygb, software engineering disciplines should not be ignored thus it's worth to first do the application design planning based on its requirement specifications.

The application is a guestbook application, a classic web application that made popular by the rapid blooming of internet and WWW technology in the mid of 90's. The basic requirements of the application are the pages for users to sign the guestbook and view all other entries by other users. Other pages might be possible to be added are, a brief descriptions of the application, and simple administration facility to remove unwanted/malicious entries. Based on these very plain requirement specifications, the proposed main links of mygb application are as follows, that are "About", "Sign Guestbook", "List Entries", and "Admin".

Continue by click the "Add" link under the "Operation" column and add the "About" node as below.


Click the "Submit" button to proceed the add node operation. The new "About" node should now be added under the "Home" node as follows.


Continue the add node operations for the rest of the proposed main links of mygb application ("Sign Guestbook", "List Entries", and "Admin"). All of the proposed main links should become the child nodes of the "Home" node as below.


To view the current overall link structure that build up mygb application, click the "Link Tree" main link of the ADT. Below is the overall link structure of mygb application should be displayed inside the browser window.